Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Corner Bookstore
July 2005.

“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves,
And we travel, next, to find ourselves”

With this quote from Pico Iyer’s Why We Tavel, Local, Jaideep Varma’s first novel, embarks on an unusual sojourn, which springs out of the most mundane tasks of human existence – a ride in the local train. But the banal ends here, as the train is not a means to reach home, it is actually where home is.

Akash Bhasin, the novel’s protagonist is a copywriter, who works in a multinational ad agency in Mumbai. He decides to live in the local train, where he goes “home” to sleep every night. This is a voluntary exercise, induced by a will to “…surrender completely to the rocking homelessness…”. His strange detachment from his work, his broken marriage, his love of music, and the mad rush of the agency life make up the fragments of his suburban life.

A spellbinding story of an incredible lifestyle.


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